TV Repairs - Surprisingly Affordable

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    TV Repairs – Surprisingly Affordable

    TV Repairs - Surprisingly Affordable

    If you have determined that repairing your HDTV is the best route, one of the first question usually relates to cost. How much would it cost to have a technician review and repair my TV? This is a valid and frequently asked question. When calling OK Electronics, we have a simple pricing system.

    There is no need to transport your television. We will come to your home or office for all repairs. In a lot of instances, transporting the television can incur further repairs. The diagnostics fee is $75 which is then deducted from the total cost of the repair. In most cases, those final costs are significantly less than a new HDTV purchase and we back up our parts and labor with a 90 day warranty.
    Our pricing is competitive to all other regional repair shops.
    We service the greater Richmond area, but can be available statewide, just call us to determine if there are any extra travel fees due to location. We are available now and will provide prompt and satisfactory service. Just call our office today at 804-537-0330.


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