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    At Richmond TV Repair, we take pride in our equitable repair policies. This FAQ is designed to answer most if not all questions or concerns about electronics repair:

    Q: My TV stopped working. Should I repair or replace?
    A: TV prices have dropped over the past few years, many people think TVs are disposable. Even though TVs today are much less expensive than they were years ago, often we can repair your TV for a fraction of the price of a new TV.

    Q: Does OK Electronics TV repair warranty their repairs?
    A: We offer 90 days warranty for parts and labor. This only applies to the part(s) that we worked on or replaced.

    Q: I searched for local TV repair shop and OK Electronics TV repair appeared in my search results. But I live about an hour away.
    A: We offer In-Home TV repair in Richmond VA and in a 65 miles radius. Most likely you in our service area. Give us a call @ 804-537-0330 and a customer service representative will provide a service call estimate for your location.

    Q: We had a lightning storm and our TV stopped working. Can you repair TV that has been damaged by lightning or power surge?
    A: Yes. Our certified TV repair technician can identify a problem and repair a TV damaged by lightning. We can also prepare paperwork for your homeowners insurance, if you have it.

    Q: What if the part you replaced doesn’t fix my TV and additional parts are needed?
    A: If we quote you a price to fix your TV, replace the defective parts but the TV is still not working, we will not charge you for the repair or the parts. We will only charge you the diagnostics fee.

    Q: How soon you can diagnose and repair my TV?
    A: If you called before 1PM EST we offer same day service for most locations. Once diagnostics are completed, it may take 1-3 business days to receive part(s) needed to complete the repair.

    Q: Screen on my 65” TV is cracked. Can you repair it?
    A: Unfortunately once the screen is damaged, it’s cheaper to buy new TV. But if the customer would like to have the screen repaired then we would be more than glad to repair their tv for them.

    Q: What TV brands do you repair?
    A: We repair all brands and models.

    Q; Do you offer free estimates?
    A: No. Each problem has to be diagnosed by our certified TV repair technician. Customer pays service call and we provide estimate based on diagnostics.

    Q: Does your service call fee apply toward repair fee?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Do you offer any discounts for your TV repair services?
    A: We offer 10% off labor for seniors and military. Discount doesn’t apply to service call.

    Q: I had my TV checked by another TV repair shop but their price seems to be too high. How can you help me?
    A: Call OK Electronics TV repair at 804-537-0330. In most cases we can beat any competitor’s price.

    Q: Do you repair projectors?
    A: Yes. Projector is a compact version of DLP TV.

    Q: Do you repair other electronics?
    A: At this time we only offer Television repair services, but we plan to add appliances in the future.

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