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    New TV or Repair

    New TV or Repair

    Repair or Replace? It is a dilemma we often encounter when our electronic appliances break down. Is it worth to spend on repair or its time to buy a new set? To some people it is usually a common conception that repair is expensive and it is better to purchase a new one. But this conception can be wrong. Depending on the damage, repair is cost effective.

    Also, repair can save you in shopping hassle and save your time. Your local repair professionals can be there on your doorsteps. They are just a call away. To call for a home service is also very convenient. Reputable repair companies can offer quality and quick services.

    So, when you are torn between the two options, whether to buy or repair, consider the following:

    The Advantage of Repair

    • Cost Less. You can save a significant amount of money in repairing than buying a new set. The cost of new model of TV set today may range from $1,000 to $3,000
    • Save the environment. Buying new TV set and not repairing means throwing the old one in the land-fills. These large TV in the land-fills can have significant impact in damaging the environment.
    • Help out our local business. You may want to help your friend or neighbor’s business. Helping local business means helping the local economy grow.

    The Problems with a new TV

    • Complicated use of the new remote control. The innovation in technology is so fast that it may change the configuration of a remote control in just one month. To replace the TV means we have to learn how to use the new features in the remote control. If we have older people in the house, they may have difficulty using the new remote control. The learning curve can be steep on the device like this. It can cause frustration and annoyance.
    •  Trouble in connecting other devices. Older devices like VCR or DVD’s, and video cameras may not interface properly in the new set of television. Also, if we have separate dish system in addition to cable, there may be difficulty connecting these.
    • Space problem. It may not fit in old TV space especially if you have a build-in entertainment system or custom shelves. It will probably require a new mounting bracket and someone to install it.
    • Missing features. You may find after using the new television that it is missing some of the features that you liked in the old television.

    When to deny repair?

    As a TV repair company, we may want to encourage or persuade every client to say yes to repair. However, we do not want to do that. We want our clients to get the most out of the repair cost. We will be honest and say that the cost of repair is too high and it is wise to purchase a replacement. Yet, if you want to know when is the best time to say no to repair, here are some tips:

    • When the damage is severe (lightning) and even after the repair, the functions will not be as good as it was.
    • When budget is not a problem to buy a new one and you are ready to say goodbye to the old model.
    • When the spare parts are so hard to find and you need to make a special order and pay more for the shipping.

    You may have more personal reasons to avoid repair. The important thing is you know what is best decision for your problem.

    We want to be at your service in Richmond, Virginia. Call us for quality and affordable service!




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