Three Reasons To Consider TV Repair vs Making A New Purchase

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    Three Reasons To Consider TV Repair vs Making A New Purchase

    Three Reasons To Consider TV Repair vs Making A New Purchase

    A broken television does not mean it’s time to break open the piggy bank and start shopping for a new monitor. Contacting a reliable local repairman can mean a significant difference in cost and hassle. OK-Electronics can be your local money and aggravation saver. Here are three advantages of calling us today for your repair needs.

    It may be tempting to try and repair a broken television yourself. Online videos and tutorials may even make these repairs seem to be feasible or easy. These repairs, however come with no warranty if something goes awry. Getting that TV repaired through us gives you a 90 day warranty on parts and service. We will stand behind our work and we will ensure that you are completely satisfied.

    Living outside of the Richmond area does not mean that we cannot come to you for repairs. OK Electronics actually can provide service through most of the entire state of Virginia. Call our office at 804-537-0330 tell us where you need our services. Travel fees may apply, but we will tell you upfront depending on your location.

    Repairing that broken television also has environmental advantages. Instead of filling our landfills with a TV that can be repaired, why not contact us and keep that TV out the garbage. You never know if your repair is quick and simple. We want you to hold onto your gadgets and get the most usage out of them.

    We understand the investment you put into your entertainment center. We also know and may be able to repair your television and we will do everything possible to make sure you get the most out of that investment. Do consider calling us and we will make sure you are not disappointed.


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