Westinghouse TV repair

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    Westinghouse TV repair

    Regardless of price and brand, periodically, TV can break. In this case, repair TV will be best choice for you, because it is cheaper then buy new TV. In addition, it reduces the amount of harmful wastes.

    Main faults of Westinghouse TV

    • The TV does not turn on.
    • The front panel indicator does not light up.
    • The device does not respond to the remote control.
    • TV turns off by itself.
    • The TV screen does not light up.
    • Vertical or horizontal lines show up on the screen.
    • There is no video or sound or vice versa.

    The reasons of these cases

    • A Fault in the power supply unit
    • Damage to the motherboard
    • Damage to the buttons
    • Damage to the LED indicator
    • Backlight failure
    • Problems associated with the remote control and the receiver, etc

    We repair Westinghouse TVs using original parts, received from the manufacturer. Our service engineers apply modern diagnostic and high precision instruments to find the cause of malfunction and quickly repair Westinghouse. We repair older models of Westinghouse as well as new models. You pay only for positive results!

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