At Richmond TV Repair, we take pride in our equitable repair policies. This FAQ is designed to answer most if not all questions or concerns about electronics repair:

1. Do you service outside of the Richmond area? Repairs or estimates outside the Greater Richmond area may incur an additional travel fee. Please call us for details.

What are your office hours? Our normal business hours are from 9:00AM to 8:00PM Eastern time. You may call at any time and leave a message with our automated attendant after hours.

2. How much do your services cost?

All repairs and estimates are done on a bona fide, good faith basis. There is no charge to make an evaluation and if any additional difficulties occur during repair, we will contact you to discuss our findings. Like a mechanic, we need to evaluate the problems, then provide a fair and competitive estimate of services.

3. Is there a warranty on your work?

All work performed by OK Electronics, LLC is covered by a 90 day parts and a 30 day labor warranty effective from the time of retrieval. Parts not repaired by our technicians are not covered under our warranty. Any attempt to repair or service the unit during the warranty period by any party other than OK Electronics voids any and all warranties.

Any damage inflicted on the item including, but not limited to impact, moisture and liquid, sand, temperature extremes, battery leakage, chemical corrosion, tampering, or any operation that would be considered abuse and/or contrary to the item’s operating manual also voids all warranties. Ok Electronics is the final arbitrator of the definition of equipment and item abuse.

4. Are there any discounts?

Senior citizens may receive a 10% discount off our labor charges. This discount does not apply to any parts replaced or provided.

5. I have pets, how will this affect your repairs?

Household pets must be contained while our technicians are on your premises. Our technicians reserve the right to deny service to anyone who refuses to follow this policy.

6. When do I pay for your service?

All completed work must be paid in full before the item is completed. Any fees not fully paid for within 30 days after your repairs have been approved is considered a forfeit and becomes the property of OK Electronics.

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