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New TV or Repair

Repair or Replace? It is a dilemma we often encounter when our electronic appliances break down. Is it worth to spend on repair or its time to buy a new set? To some people it is usually a common conception that repair is expensive and...

Welcome to RichmondTV Repairs

We are excited to offer you quick and reliable service at an affordable price. We proudly serve both residential and commercial customers in the greater Richmond and surrounding communities. We believe that you, our customer, deserve quality repair and service for your televisions and other...

We guarantee same day service!

We specialize in big screen TV sets, HDTV installation, and repair. We can help with your rear projection displays, LED, DLP, Plasma, LCD, and LCD projection televisions. Richmond TV Repair is a one stop shop for all your electronics needs. You may call our office at...

Call us at 804-537-0330 today!

You can count on our team to take care of your repair needs - day or night. Our service area covers 60 miles from our business office in Richmond, Virginia. You may call our office at any time, 804-537-0330 or email us at:

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